The Coalition to Protect Nassau Taxpayers is about tax reassessment leading to confusion, concern and controversy, the Coalition to Protect Nassau Taxpayers stands with every residential taxpayer who is deeply concerned with their future as a homeowner.

Our mission is to ensure that the rights of Nassau County residential property owners are respected and that the County’s tax reassessment program is open, transparent and fair, ensuring its integrity and affording due process to every County property taxpayer.

As part of the shared desire for tax reassessment reform The Coalition insists on clarity, honesty and competence in how this process properly moves forward in the weeks and months to come.

The Coalition is a neutral, nonpartisan organization, comprised of tax assessment experts, homeowners, concerned citizens and all those who insist on a reassessment initiative that can be understood, open to public scrutiny and free of politics.

The coalition is made up of county property taxpayers and professionals representing many homeowners who appreciate that repeated errors by the County as it relates to assessment have created an untenable situation for those being asked to bear the burden of paying for local government and education. If the assessment is unfair, flawed or ineptly managed then it needs to be challenged. Jim Garner, the director of the coalition is the former Mayor of the Village of Hempstead. Mr. Garner recognizes that the current reassessment “reform” has a chapter that would be unfairly harmful to many of the lower income residents.

There is no political agenda to the coalition but a directive to demand transparency in how this process is being shaped in Albany and to ensure that we don’t see yet another Newsday story about the County correcting yet one more assessment error.


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