Coalition formed to confront a previously flawed and now secret reassessment policy

(Mineola, NY) – Responding to the legitimate concerns of every Nassau County homeowner now faced with dramatic changes in how their property will be reassessed, the Coalition to Protect Nassau Taxpayers has been formed with the intent of demanding transparency, honesty and competence in how this process moves forward in the weeks and months to come.

Coalition spokesman, Hon. James Garner, stated, “The Coalition is a nonpartisan organization, comprised of tax assessment experts, homeowners, concerned citizens and all those who insist on a reassessment initiative that can be understood, open to public scrutiny and free of partisan rhetoric. Its membership includes the reassessment experts retained by many homeowners who are now being demonized by those in search of a scapegoat for a process that has run off the rails.”

Mr. Garner observed, “It is not an overstatement to report that literally every Nassau County homeowner is deeply concerned about a reassessment plan that has had more than its fair share of errors, miscues and mistakes. The Coalition’s formation is a reflection of the fact that there needs to be a united, informed voice prepared to speak up for the individual who is ultimately going to pay that tax bill. Until now reassessment reform has been run by political expediency and governmental malpractice. That is going to have to stop.”

The group made its announcement as lobbyists descended on Albany on the eve of the Governor’s State of the State Address in an effort to convince state legislators to do their bidding on the issue of Nassau reassessment.
“Reassessment for Nassau County residents cannot be done behind closed doors and in the dead of night,” warned Jed Dallek of North Woodmere. “Homeowners will not stand for that.”

The Coalition’s public affairs agenda advances the rights of Nassau County residential property owners and demands that the County’s tax reassessment program is open, transparent and fair, ensuring its integrity and affording due process to every County property taxpayer.

“We intend to mobilize every homeowner for the purpose of demanding reassessment reform that is genuine, fair and open. Anything short of that will be exposed for what it is and will be called out by thousands of taxpayers,” concluded Garner.


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